Fall Classes

Fall is coming up soon!  This year I’m going to be offering many new classes for all levels.  I’m super excited to offer a Belly Dance 101 class for total beginners starting September 9th.  This 7 week session will give students a solid foundation in belly dance and introduction to props.  Classes will be held Mondays at 6:30PM.  More information here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2357679747851112/

All other regular classes will continue as scheduled in September with some minor time changes:


Belly Dance 101 at 6:30PM (starts September 9th)


Belly Dance Level 1 at 7:15PM

Belly Dance Level 2 at 8:15PM


Belly Dance Fitness at 7:30PM


Fusion Belly Dance Fundamentals (Datura Style) at 12:30PM

Intermediate Datura Style Mini Session (starts September 14th) at 2:00PM

All classes are held at Mosaic Dance and Movement Studio located in Bloomfield.  Address is 4514 Liberty Avenue

Registration information can be found at http://www.mosaicdancepgh.com


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