“I love going to workshops and learning new combinations and technique, but after 11 years of dancing, it is very rare to find an instructor who changes the foundation of how I dance.  Sahra is one of those teachers!  Every time I study with her I learn something new that brings a deeper understanding of the dance for me.  She has a unique approach to explaining movements and concepts that has made me think about my dancing in a different way and helped me to become a better dancer and instructor.  Additionally, her teaching style makes the concepts of belly dance accessible to dancers of all levels, so I really enjoy hosting her for workshops in our community, which has a wide variety of skill levels.  She is an amazing performer and instructor!!! ” -Saphera,  http://sapherabellydance.com/

Sahra’s Fantastic Performance for Lauren and Jim’s Wedding Day:

“What a delicious treat it was to have Sahra share her beautiful talent with us and our guests! What impressed me the most is when she asked me what I wanted her to wear and if there was any style of dance I preferred. That told me that Sahra can do anything, adapt to anywhere and is truly there to deliver the performance you have in mind. If you don’t know the answers to those questions (like myself)…don’t worry, you will be beyond delighted with her choices! She is simply a phenomenal dancer and her spirit is so engaging. Sahra added warmth, beauty and fiery red hair to our wedding day.”  Lauren, owner of PointBreezeway http://www.pointbreezeway.com/

“Sahra is excellent at helping people of all fitness levels strive for great dance technique! I enjoy the positive “can do” attitude she brings and feel comfortable in class. Her dance style is unique and technique is on point. I’m proud to say I’m a student of hers.” -Emilee Kohan

“I remember first seeing Sahra performing a very unique number to a dubstep routine back in 2013 when I just began studying belly dance.  I began taking classes with her after studying for just under one year, and the progress I made as monumental.  What I had been lacking in previous training was technical instruction, and Sahra has no problems delivering that.  Her class sizes are often smaller, which provides a more intimate lesson with her. She is very particular on posture and does not miss one small detail.  My favorite part of Sahra’s lessons are drills, which have been pivotal for my success.  I am fortunate to be able to take classes with Sahra, and recommend her especially to new dancers.” – Jacqueline Marie

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