Datura Style® Workshop: Hipwork Focus Part 2

Sahra Datura Cymbals

Datura Style® Workshop: Hipwork Focus Part 2
6617 Hamilton Avenue
Sunday, March 4 2:00PM-3:30PM $25/$30 (at the door)
Workshop + Tribal Improv/Study time add-on: 2:00 – 4:00PM $30/$35 (at the door)

Enjoy a fun filled Datura Style® Belly Dance Workshop. This is a fast moving workshop covering a lot of ground. If you missed the first workshop no problem! You can jump right in! This workshop will cover the combos section of the hip up study in detail going through bumps, the ghawazee prep, sit toe toe/flamenco shimmy with zills. Time permitted we’ll learn some Datura Vocabulary. For those of you who want to stay for an improv session incorporating Datura Style Vocabulary with ATS, there’s a 30 min add on session.We’ll also run through the entire study in the add on session. No refunds unless workshop is canceled by instructor. For more information on Rachel Brice’s Datura Style Belly Dance http://www.rachelbrice.com/what-is-datura-style/http://www.rachelbrice.com/list-of-datura-style-teachers/

Datura Style Workshop:

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Datura Style Workshop + Tribal Improv Session:

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