Datura Style™ Belly Dance Workshop: Side to Side Study Part 2

Datura Style™ Belly Dance Workshop: Side to Side Study Part 2
August 26, 2:00 PM – 4:00PM; $30(plus PayPal fees) before August 24th
Vitality Belly Dance and Wellness 4514 Liberty Avenue

Enjoy a fun filled Datura Style® Belly Dance Workshop. You’ll learn the Side Study focusing on the isolations, foot patterns, and arms! If you missed the first workshop, no problem! We are learning this study in reverse, so in this session we will start from the beginning. This is a fast moving workshop covering a lot of ground. We’ll start with a warm up and dig into side to side movement technique including rib cage slides (horizontal and vertical), ribcage figure eights, sidewinder, side to side undulations, pairing them up with foot and arm patterns, and finishing the study with combinations. Combinations also include the goosh and mayas. No refunds unless workshop is canceled by instructor. For more information on Rachel Brice’s Datura Style Belly Dance http://www.rachelbrice.com/what-is-datura-style/http://www.rachelbrice.com/list-of-datura-style-teachers/

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